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Who we are

We are riTROVO!

We are experts in education, communication and mediation. Above all, we are a non-profit cultural association active since 2020 in the territory of Naples and its province.

design workshops and educational activities by collaborating with museums, schools, foundations, academies, associations, etc. We also work on training, education in general and art with special projects.

Before going any further,
here we are 👇

Download here our full curriculum


How we work

All our activities involve different strategies
depending on the age of the participants. We always try to engage our senses, open dialogues, question, errors and playing.
That's what we start with!

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In our activities we always try to improve the relationship between people and the environment (understood as space) and to question our certainties.

To question means to see things from new perspectives, to open up and be open to possibilities, in short, what is generated when we talk about

We rely on texts about pedagogy, anthropology and sociology, but also on artistic practices; we are preparing a
bibliography precisely to share with you the theory on which we feed.❤️

Come and meet us at one of our activity!


Where to write us

We do not have a location as we are always moving around collaborating with organisations of all kinds.

You can write to us at

On Whatsapp at the number +39 378 066 9739

In alternative you can write to us on our social 😏

Your support for us is everything!

If you think what we do is INCREDIBLE (or in general if you are interested) and want to support our work: we thank you immensely!

Afterall we put ou ❤️ in all our activities.

You can support us in different ways 👇


The best way to support us is definitely to participate in our activities!

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