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Frequently asked question


How can I register for your activities?

To register for our activities simply go here and choose the activity you prefer, you will then be redirected to eventbrite where you can book.


Are your activities suitable for young children?

Of course, our activities are suitable for people of all ages. If one of our activities is dedicated to a specific age group, you will always find this written in the event description. For younger children, up to 5 years of age, we always ask for an accompanying person.

How do I find the place where the activity will take place?

The address and location of an activity is always indicated in the event description.

Do you pay to participate?

Most of our activities require a participatory contribution from the participant. This is used to cover the costs of producing the event and the materials needed for it. This contribution can be made in the form of a donation or by registering as a member of our association, so that you can also access various benefits.


If I can no longer participate in the activity, do I get a refund?

No, unfortunately as contributions are donations we cannot make refunds, even in the case of registering as an associate, the contribution serves the person to join, therefore no refund is possible in the case of non-participation.


Do children pay?

Generally, children under 5 years of age do not pay, with some exceptions. We always recommend reading the event description carefully.


Can I go on the day of the activity without a ticket?

Of course, but it is always advisable to book online as all activities have a maximum number of participants.

Do you carry out activities in other languages?

Yes, certain activities can also be carried out in English.

Do you give guided tours?

No, we do not do guided tours or tour guides. We do not explain or narrate historical and artistic heritage, we invite you to contact tourist organisations for this type of service.



How can i contact you?

Via email to or by sending a whatsapp message to the number +39 378 066 9739.

What do you mean by “associate"?

An associate is a person who joins the association for only 20 euros per year, to get benefits and to know about all our events in advance.

What benefits does an associate enjoy?

All persons who become members can participate in our activities by paying a smaller contribution or sometimes free of charge. They can take part in events specially organised for members, receive promotional items and much more!


Can i work with you?

Send us an email at


Can i propose you a project?

Sure, send us an email at so we can talk about it.

Where can i find you?

We do not have a physical location at this time, but you can write to us by e-mail at or on our social.

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