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Lesson on game as an artistic language

Under the invitation of Donella Di Marzio, coordinator of the Department of Communication and Didactic of Art of the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples, we held a lesson on game as an artistic language for students in the first year of the two-year specialist course.

The lesson was part of the "Teaching of artistic languages" course. and is divided into three phases:

- Play and experimentation with a series of creative games, without rules.

- Development of a game

- Game and evaluation of developed games

The lesson had the game as its central point, we approached it first of all as an artistic language observing how some famous artists have made it their center, subsequently it was necessary to understand what a creative game was, that is, a game that allows the development of creative potential in the person who plays it and what better way than to try these games directly.

All this was to make them understand how much games, when it becomes an artistic language and creative tool, can have an impact in educational and teaching contexts.


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