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Perdersi per ritrovarsi - pratics of psycogeographic derive

Inspired by the Situationist International Movement of the 1960s and the artistic practice of Situationist Derive, the activity asks the question: what does it mean to get lost?

Seeking the answer by changing point of view, participants are invited to draw a psychogeographic map, constructed not with the eyes but with the senses, from which a dialogue on how it is possible to lose oneself in order to find oneself will then be opened.

If you want to try this practice, you can do so by downloading the free template and use it in any city, museum, environment, taking care to respect people and spaces.


- Change point of view as a daily practice.

- Reflect on the way we live and perceive cultural places.

- Re-imagine the relationship between people, spaces, museums and artworks.


Suitable for groups of all ages or families

perdersi per ritrovarsi ENG TEMPLATE
Download PDF • 614KB


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