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Spazio C.R.E.A. - Common Revaluation of Environment and Art

SPAZIO C.R.E.A - Common Revaluation of Environment and Art, is an educational open space dedicated to the theme of ecology, where it is possible to (re)generate objects, works or compositions from discarded materials to play, reflect and interact in the theme of ecology. The idea was created in response to the theme of the 18th Day of the Contemporary organized by AMACI.

The project was created for the Madre Museum in Naples.

The layout was divided as follows: the first room, from the entrance, used as a space of relationship between the objects created and the people; the second room, the main one because of its greater width and called "Sala delle Colonne," used as a workspace area; in the last room the projection of the video documenting the process of involvement of the fifth class of the Liceo Artistico S.S. Apostoli of Naples and the artist Maurizio Elettrico.

For the entire day of October 8, 2022, the SPAZIO C.R.E.A., open to all and sundry, gave us the opportunity to carry out various activities dedicated to the ecology and sustainability of a museum in relation to its territory, capable of welcoming a multiplicity of people united by the need to become a collective.


  • Involvement of high school classes to bring future generations closer together

  • Strengthening relationships with the surrounding area

  • Active approach to the theme of recycling in a manner


Suitable for groups of all ages or families


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