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For us, designing means creating experiences to live together.

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We design
educational activities for all ages



Playing helps people to grow, for us it is fundamental in all the activities* we realize.


Designing for us is a tool

that transforms our ideas* into

what we do.


Activating relationships means creating meaningful experiences* of exchange and sharing.

We work on three principles

* Click on the links to discover our educational activities.

Together we build

In a few words, we can tell you that our educational activities are aimed at people of all ages, deal with relation with the territory and aim to make grow the person who participates.

Doing is worth more than those 35 words, so come and try our activities and see for yourself what we do.👇

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Ok but what exactly do you do?

What we do

  • Educational activities at museums

  • Workshop in the city and in nature

  • Lessons and formation activities

  • Experience for living the heritage

  • Cultural, artistic and educational event

What we don't do

  • Guided tours

  • Tourist walks

  • Heritage explanation

  • Bore you with too many words

  • Treat you as spectators

When we deal with heritage we are always spectators, but we believe

we need to become habitants of our places again!
How? With our activities, of course!😏

If you want to learn more about our activities, you can have a look at the archive →

Ops! we have not introduced ourselves

We are riTROVO, a non-profit cultural association of people (young people in flesh and blood) experienced in education and communication at work since 2020.

Discover who we are →

Your support for us is everything!

If you think what we do is INCREDIBLE (or in general if you are interested) and want to support our work: we thank you immensely!

Afterall we put our ❤️ in all our activities.

You can support us in different ways 👇


The best way to support us is definitely to participate in our activities!


You can also support

us with a donation, even  a penny could be important to us!


Or you can follow us on our social networks, it seems little but it

helps us a lot!

Don't miss a single activity



We will NEVER send you spam!
You will simply receive the weekly
programme every Wednesday. 😎

If you prefer, you can receive it by writing us on

You did the right thing, you won't regret it!

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